Not everyone has the time and money to build their dream house, but a home renovation can help you to customize your space exactly to your liking without starting from scratch. Not only do home renovation increase property value but they also increase the comfort, functionality and enjoyment of your home.

Renovating can benefit your family by making more room for the kids to play or updating your kitchen to reflect the gourmet chef that you are. You can create a spa like bathroom to relax in after a long day at work or expand your deck to host all your summer parties.

The best reason to renovate your home is to enjoy it and make it your own. Renovating gives you the opportunity to create a home that reflects the way you want to live.

According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s latest Home Renovation Survey the following is a list of the home renovations with the highest, lowest, and average return potential.

Highest Return:

  • Bathroom Renovations 75-100%
  • Kitchen Renovations 75-100%
  • Interior Painting 50-100%
  • Exterior Painting 50-100%

Average Return:

  • Roof / shingle replacement 50-80%
  • Furnace / heating system 50-80%
  • Basement renovation 50-75%
  • Recreation room addition 50-75%
  • Fireplace installation 50-75%
  • New flooring 50-75%
  • Constructing a garage 50-75%
  • Window / door replacement 50-75%
  • Deck installation 50-75%
  • Central air conditioning 50-75%

Lowest Return:

  • Landscaping 25-50%
  • Interlocking 25-50%
  • Fence 25-50%
  • Asphalt Paving 20-50%
  • Swimming Pool 10-40%
  • Skylight 0-25%